About Us

Off Safety is the concept of being at the ready... ready to shoot... ready to capture the unforeseen moments.

Being in the unique position to have access to notable artists of the era, these Photographers capitalized on the opportunity by taking aim through their lenses.

The collection of images is the result of years on the front lines of the Hip Hop Music Industry. 

Off Safety is the world’s premier touring photo show featuring eyewitness accounts of important moments in urban culture. 

The Installations provide an opportunity for audiences to facilitate participation and dialogue. 

The images displayed evoke nostalgia for those who lived through the formative periods,

and also exposes to new generations an era that heavily influences the current cultural landscape.  


Berlin - HVW8




Having done shows in prominent galleries around the globe,

Its also an outlet which empowers the photographers to reach beyond the confines of a gallery and printed books. 

we aim to provide an interactive experience of an era that will forever be the defining force of current culture,

by showcasing the photographs of the 90’s & 2000’s, along with the Fashions, the Trends, and the very fabric of that time period. 


Promotional Mixtape with Songs from the Artists featured at the Artshow


we collaborate with only the best brands and companies to further connect, engage and educate the future. 




LOS ANGELES (Melrose/Fairfax) - ADIDAS HVW8 

Off Safety is at the forefront of the movement by breaking free of the traditional outlets for photography, 

and embracing how new generations appreciate and absorb art. 

Andre 3000 in front of a picture of his young self at the Las Vegas Show