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Paul Chan, by admission, is not a professional photographer or a studied fine artist. He was a graphic artist for a publication from Southern California called Kronick Magazine. Printed on newsprint, Kronick was on the tail end of the bygone era of analog media.
Frustrated with the standard press shots sent by labels and agencies, Paul Chan set out to document these artists with his father’s Nikon F2. The result is intimate, unpolished, and unstaged photos of present day icons shot in candid dialogue.

Unrehearsed and genuine, these images capture the energy and personalities free of stylists or publicists. Shot on film prior to the standardization of digital photography, these images pre-date the wide accessibility of digital cameras, cell phones,
and the internet where everything is recorded and instantly circulated to millions.


London based photographer Eddie Otchere boasts an eye-popping catalog of hip hop’s most recognizable figures during the late 90s and early 2000s. Through his iconic photos, Otchere was able to capture the essence of the culture, as he found himself in the eye of the Hip Hop storm. Eddie’s upbringing on council estates and jazz is reflected in his carefully defocused realism.

A Graduate of London College of Printing, his photography career began in 1993. Having garnered a reputation for taking striking images, coupled with the fact that he had a true affinity for the culture, Eddie was able to gain the trust of artists he was photographing.
Through his work, Otchere tells the story of a generation.