Ball is Life Tee (Blacktop)
Ball is Life Tee (Blacktop)

Ball is Life Tee (Blacktop)

$ 50.00
Portraits of The Answer's film negative, by Eddie Otchere,
peering through the ball. 
In his early years, the league often viewed Iverson as a negative presence. 
His braids, tattoos, baggy shorts, and his swagger, was viewed as a threat to 
the integrity of the League. 
A dress code was implemented by the NBA solely due to Iverson's perceived "Thug" appearance.
In retrospect, and going full circle as the ball in this design depicts, 
Iverson paved the foundation of individuality in the NBA,
and ushered in the culture we see in the league today.  
Screen Printed on 100% Cotton
Custom Pigment Dyed Tees 
Made in USA