A.I.3 Hoodie (Concrete)
A.I.3 Hoodie (Concrete)

A.I.3 Hoodie (Concrete)

$ 150.00
verson, also known as The Answer, also known as A.I., 
wore the number 3 on his Jersey during the prime of his career in Philadelphia. 
A.I. is considered pound for pound one of the best players to ever step on the court. 
listed at 6ft, was actually closer to 5"10'. 
Considering his size, was one of the most skilled scorers of all-time. 
Shooters shoot. 
Shoot First, and Process Later. 
the 3 images taken by Eddie Otchere captured a.i. in that process. 
Screen Printed on 100% Cotton
Custom Pigment Dyed Hoodies
Made in USA